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5 Spectacular Historic Gardens To Visit On The Rhine

A leisurely tour amongst 5 spectacular historic gardens to visit on the Rhine awaits, to inspire and delight you. These beautiful gardens, at their best during spring and summer, are situated along one of the most iconic rivers in Europe.

If you have never visited, then sit back, enjoy and let me take you on a pretty river journey to some of Germany’s stunning and historic places.

We will also take a brief visit to the Prince Bishops Palace Residence in the old town of Wurzburg where you could indulge in a wine tasting should you so choose.


Where-ever I plan to visit I will always factor in some gardens to include on my itinerary, if you are of the same mind and love to see the world’s lovely outdoor green spaces but not sure which ones to choose then let me do the searching and wistful day dreaming for you. I can sniff out the very best garden destinations.


5 Spectacular Historic Gardens To Visit Along The Rhine

I have chosen 5 gardens for their beauty, rose collections and their historic importance for you to consider when you next visit Germany. We start our journey in Nuremberg at the Hesperides Gardens and will finish at the Prince Bishops Palace in the famous Rhine wine region of Franconia.

Hesperides Gardens Nuremberg

Nuremberg is an old medieval city, well worth a tour for it’s medieval architecture and vast fortifications, it is the capital city of Franconia.

The Hesperides Gardens lie outside the walls of the town and were established in the Middle Ages to cultivate citrus fruits. Hence, their name; the daughters of Hesperides guarded the fruits, according to Greek Mythology.

These famous gardens were further developed in the 17th and 18th centuries to become the Baroque gardens that exist today.

Where orange groves once grew, now replaced with the statues and fountains that adorn this small but very pretty garden. It’s classic Italian style designs with seasonal planting are a joy to see and spend time in.

A peaceful space on the outskirts of Nuremberg with a cafe that serves drinks and snacks.

The gardens are open all day until dusk and admission is free.

Hesperides Gardens Nuremberg 5 spectacular historic gardens to visit on the Rhine
Hesperides Gardens Nuremberg
5 spectacular historic gardens to visit on the Rhine

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Rosengarten Bamberg

The New Residence is the location for the Rosengarten, designed in 1733 the gardens can be found in the inner courtyard.

Famed for the clipped limes that circle a central pool and for it’s 4500 roses.

The best time to visit would be late spring to early autumn to appreciate the scent filled air and thousands of rose blooms. A rose lovers heaven.

Sculptures were created for the garden by Ferdinand Tietz who was the Bamberg court sculpture during the early 1760’s.

Enjoy a drink and take a well-earned rest in the pavilion cafe from where you can enjoy the stunning views of Michaelsberg and the Old Town.

The gardens are open throughout the year.

Rosengarten Bamberg Gardens to visit on the Rhine
Rosengarten Bamberg
Which gardens to visit on the Rhine

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Rose Gardens Baden-Baden

If you haven’t yet seen enough roses then do make time to visit the Rose Society Garden Of Baden-Baden situated on the low slopes of Fremersberg mountain.

The gardens have been awarded the ‘Award of Garden Excellence’ by the World Federation Rose Societies and it is perfectly clear to understand why.

The garden is also the site for new rose trials for new varieties for the current year. The competition for new varieties being as tight and important in Baden- Baden as it is in Paris and St Albans UK.

Needless to say there are acres of roses everywhere, their heady perfume surrounds you. You most definitely have to stop and smell the roses, but please not all of them, you would be there for weeks trying to do so.

Fields, borders and beds brimming with sumptuous, mouth watering blooms. Shrub roses of every colour under the sun, as far as the eye can see. Climbing roses rambling over arches and pergolas…

Have I convinced you yet that you need to visit these gardens?

The rose gardens are open each day of the week from 9:00 to 21:00

Admission is just €1

Picnics are allowed, but sorry dogs are not.

What should you bring on a picnic?

Rose Garden Baden Baden
Rose Garden Baden Baden
5 Spectacular Historic Gardens To Visit On The Rhine

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Japanese’s Gardens Leverkusen Cologne

On a more subtle gardening note are the Japanese Gardens at Leverkusen, after the splendour and sheer voluptuousness of roses, these gardens offer a peaceful, captivating charm.

There are approximately 3 acres of rare plants from all parts of East Asia in bloom, including grasses, papyrus, Japanese maples and many other species both exotic and indigenous, alongside sculpture, arched gates and Japanese lanterns. They were created in 1912 and were opened to the public in the 1950’s.

Local families enjoy using the gardens all year, they are a popular venue for wedding photos too.

A Japanese tea house is a favourite spot for visitors.

Offering homes to turtles and Japanese Koi Carp are pools and fountains which also add a sense of peace and calm to the visitor.

The gardens are open all year.

Japanese Gardens Leverkusen
Japanese Gardens Leverkusen
Visit Gardens on the Rhine

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Prince Bishops Palace Würzburg Wine Capital Of Franconia

I cannot possibly write an article here without mentioning at least one wine venue and as we are in the Rhine wine region it behoves me to say a little about the Prince Bishops Palace which is in Wurzburg. Wine capital of Franconia.

Wurzburg is another beautiful kept medieval town on the situated in the Rhine river. Take a visit to the magnificent Bishops Palace where you can indulge in a wine tasting in the Residence cellars, as well as taking a stroll through beautifully maintained gardens at the front of the palace.

Prince Bishops Palace Wurzburg
Prince Bishops Palce Wurzburg
Wine Region of Franconia

For further information on the Palace you may wish to visitürzburg_Residence


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