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Gardening is my life, my passion.

It is my quiet time, when I go into any garden I gain peace of mind, I leave the world behind and let the beauty of my surroundings take precedence over anything else that is going on in my life at the time.

I feel very strongly that gardening and being out in the countryside or visiting other gardens improves my physical and mental well-being.

How gardens inspire me

I love to visit gardens, forests and arboretums, I am always in awe of what other people from history have achieved with their gardens and how they are maintained now. A garden can be a lot of work, it always inspires me to see the beautifully maintained public gardens that we have so may of here in the UK and abroad. They inspire me to grow, to look at myself to find ways of improving my well-being and of course I see plants and design ideas to take away with me to try in my own garden.

I want to be able to share those gardens with you, my readers, hence making this website so that I can take you to beautiful garden destinations all over the world.

Visiting beautiful gardens around the world

Here I will share my thoughts and insights on the gardens I have visited over the years and those that I long to visit someday. I will share travel tips and advice on how to get to these lovely showcase gardens.

I also enjoy a glass of wine and like nothing more than to be in a quiet spot in my garden or indeed any garden sharing a bottle of wine with friends, so I do hope that I can share my choice of wines with you too. I will share stunning destinations for wine growing and vineyards. My articles, recommendations and places that are a ‘must’ visit will inspire the discerning traveller. ¬†Those of you who enjoy luxury accommodations, beautiful gardens and wine travel will find plenty to interest you here.

I have worked on a vineyard and have learnt the intricate process of growing and maintaining grape vines. I look forward to taking you to some the worlds most well-known, fantastic vineyards and also some small, privately owned exclusive ones too.


Thank you for reading, if you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you so please feel free to add them in the comments box below and I will reply.

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