Dutch bulb fields

What is the first place that comes to mind when you think of tulips?

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Tulips from Amsterdam being the title of the well-known song.

The Dutch bulb fields in spring are a sight to behold. Acres and acres of blocks of colour as far as the eye can see and that can, most probably be seen from the numerous satellites we have in space.

Every spring these Dutch tulip fields are a glorious riot of bold colour as the bulbs come into flower. They are such a wondrous sight that they draw visitors from all over the world.

Dutch bulb fields
Dutch Bulb Fields

Flevoland Bulb Fields

Flevoland is a huge area of reclaimed land. In fact the largest land reclamation in the world. It is now a district boasting hundreds of acres of flower fields. Holland’s largest bulb growing area. Noordoostpolder in particular is worth a visit for its beautiful tulip fields in spring.

It is not as touristy as the more famous Keukenhof Gardens so visitors find it easier and quieter to view the bulb fields.

To fully explore this region you can cycle, walk or drive through its lovely landscape, you will be delighted by the nature, wildlife and vistas that Flevoland has to offer.

Traditional Dutch landscapes, pretty farms and of course miles of colourful blooms abound, making this an unforgettable trip.

Flevoland flower region
Flevoland bulb fields

The tulip routes of Flevoland take in Dronten, Lelystad and Zeewold and range from 10km to 70km. During the tulip flowering season there are several organised activities along these routes, including art workshops, tulip farm visits and workshops and even flower picking and learning how to make a bouquet. There is something to spark the interest of everyone.

During April and May thousands of visitors will attend the Noordoostpolder tulip festival, which celebrates this most popular of spring bulbs. With over 2000 examples of tulips in special garden displays and shows.

Flevoland has some really lovely hotels, rental accommodation and bed and breakfasts. Search availability right here.

Book early to avoid disappointment as this area become very popular during the tulip season.


A Birds Eye View of the Bulb Fields

Touring around Flevoland’s fields of blooming flowers is certainly special, but there’s another type of transportation other than bikes, cars or walking that you can choose to truly appreciate the scale and magnificence of this region.

Helicopters and hot air balloons.

Two companies offer trips in helicopters to give you the chance to see a birds eye view of the flower fields.

Tulpenvliegroute departs and lands directly in a tulip field in Creil.

Helicentre’s flights depart from Lelystad Airport, taking a longer route around the Noordoostpolder.

For a more sedate and classy flying trip TulpenFly takes you up in a hot air balloon over the area or you can take to the skies as a para glider passenger.

Any of these airborne viewing flights will certainly add a touch of glamour to your bulb field experience.

For further details of these flights search here.




Visit Flevoland Flower Region

Unlike Keukenhof Gardens which is only open during the tulip season, Flevoland has many gardens and activities that are open all year round.

One, Orchideeën Hoeve, is a tropical garden in the north-east of the region, visitors can explore exotic flora and fauna in an Amazonian rain forest.

It also houses Europe’s largest butterfly house.

Another attraction is the Tulip Island, as you may expect from the name this island is in the shape of a tulip flower. It has the beautiful Wolderwijd lake.

If you love to see and grow iris or hemerocallis then Kwekerij Joosten is another stunning garden to add to your itinery being one of the largest iris and hemerocallis nurseries in Europe, with a huge range of these beautiful bulbs.

The nursery is open to visitors from 1 April until 15 October on Saturdays from 9 am until 5 pm.



Keukenhof Gardens Open Spring 2020

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens is one of the most popular sites to visit during spring in Holland.

Every year more than 7 million flower bulbs are planted in autumn ready to bloom in spring. The gardens boast over 800 different tulips, planted in swathes of colour throughout, providing unique and unforgettable floral memories for everyone.

The flower park has 32 hectares of flowers to explore. There are also spectacular flower shows, inspirational garden designs and many fabulous, interesting events.


There are 15 km of walking trails at Keukenhof that afford the visitor a spectacular view of the flower gardens. Along the way there are weekly changing flower shows, beautiful ponds and a number of pavilions to stop off at.

Keukenhof has several restaurants and seating terraces.

Children can also find plenty to do. They can enjoy a treasure hunt, farm animals to visit, a maze to explore and the playground. Keukenhof garden is a great day out for the whole family.


Entry details

The flower park will be open from the 21 March till 10 May 2020: 8:00 to19:30 Daily

Keukenhof Garden
Keukenhof Gardens



Planning Your Stay

For details of accommodation nearto Keukenhof Gardens and to make your visit a seamless and enjoyable experience search here for hotel availability.

Both Keukenhof and Flevoland are interesting places to explore so make the most of your time here.



I hope you have enjoyed my article about the Dutch bulb fields. They are for most gardeners on their gardens to visit wishlist.

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