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Latest Technology Gadgets for Travelers, Portable Chargers

These days it is difficult to go anywhere without phones, smartphones and tablets and keeping these devices charged up can be a problem when we are on our travels.

Even for those of you who prefer not to have any online presence when traveling, most will have some form of technical device in order to stay in touch with folk back home. For emergencies.

We often use our smartphones as our main camera and for navigation, so as well as recharging ourselves by going on holiday we do need to be able to charge our phones and other devices too.

My top ten travel technology gadgets will introduce you to several travel gadgets that will help you to stay in touch. Most of these items have more than one use, and can be used with different devices thereby reducing the amount of essentials required.

Make your next trip easy and relaxing by shopping for these latest technology gadgets for the discerning traveler who needs to keep in touch.

All these items make perfect gifts for travelers or for anyone who likes to have days out taking photos, beach days, walking while listening to music and for youngsters off to college and university. All these latest technology gadgets and tools for keeping devices charged are also an essential safety item. Keep a portable charger in the car for instance, you never know when you may need one, it might be a life saver.

I have included the following new technology gadgets in portable chargers.

  • 40W 4-port USB wall charger
  • Power ore 20100 Power Bank
  • Lightning USB Power Cord
  • Universal travel adapter
  • Backpack with USB Port
  • Carry on Suitcases with USB Port
  • Organiser Bags

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The Best Portable Chargers

Taking a portable charger with you on your travels is the best way to keep everything fully charged. There is no chasing around trying to find plug sockets or suitable adapters so they also help you to wind down and have a stress free holiday.

Even on a day out visiting gardens or other attractions you can rest assured that your phone or tablet is always ready to use for those all important photos.


RAVPower 40W 4-port USB Plug charger

Plug Charger compatible with iPhone, iPad, Galaxy and more.

Easy to store and pack,  this worldwide/universal voltage charger is ideal for travel anywhere. With 4 USB ports you can charge all your devices simultaneously, quickly and efficiently.


Anker Power Bank 26800mAh

Stay powered throughout your holiday, wherever you are, with this essential, 3 USB port, double speed charger.

Dual input port. External battery compatible with iPhone, iPad, Galaxy and other Smart devices.


Go Travel Lightning Retractable Cable

This Lightning USB Power Cord is another travel essential for keeping your Apple devices fully charged on the go. Three USB ports effortlessly charge your devices and transfers data speedily. There is 75cm of cable when extended. Small and compact, easy to store and pack. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod.


AntilaTech Universal Charging Cable

Six connectors which are compatible with iPhone, IPad, Android and other Smart devices. Can be used with in-car chargers, portable chargers, desktops and laptops.


VGUARD Worldwide Travel Adapter

With 4 USB Ports, international plug adapter, universal power adapter, this maybe the only Travel Adapter that you will ever need. Compatible with smart phones, Bluetooth speakers, tablets and more. Devices charge quickly and there are LED lights that show the charging status on items.


Matein Large Travel Backpack

All in one anti-theft backpack with USB charger, headphones port and cable.

Perfectly suitable for business, work or leisure travel. Keep everything together and on charge in this handy backpack and listen to music on the go too if you want to.

Ergonomic, comfortable, waterproof and padded compartment for safe keeping of laptops, with plenty of pockets for all your travel items.

A power bank is required, please see above for power banks and chargers.


DONPEREGRINO Cabin Suitcase with USB Ports

Approved size for most airlines for a carry on cabin suitcase.

Ideal for leisure or business trips with USB ports so that you can charge your electronic equipment as you travel.

Stylish, sturdy and tough but also lightweight to withstand all travel whether domestic or international. Four double wheels for ease of portability.

A power bank is required, please see above for suitable power banks and chargers.


REYLEO Cabin Luggage

Lightweight, stylish carry-on hand luggage. Ideally suited for business or leisure travel with two USB charging ports, integral cable and TSA locks.

Sized for most airline compatibility.

A power bank is required, please see above for power banks and chargers.

For more stylish cabin luggage and larger luggage please see Best price luggage sets.


GiBot Cable Organiser Bag

Portable charger accessories bag. This bag organisers your cables, chargers, power banks, USB drive, memory cards and much more. Keep all your travel technology together in this compact bag which has a pocket for everything.


Jelly Comb Cable Organizer Bag

This waterproof travel gadget and cable organiser bag keeps all your electronics in one handy storage case.

Lots of pockets sized ideally for charging cables, power banks, adapters, smartphones, IPad, readers and more.

Never lose your cables or chargers again, find them all easily in this bright, well padded bag. It keeps everything safe and in one place.



Now that you are fully in charge of all your travel power requirements you need never be without ready to use devices ever again with these best travel gadgets. No more sitting around near a plug socket, killing time that could be better used, waiting for items to power up.

You now have everything you need to charge items on the go and to keep them all together in one handy storage case.

Mission accomplished.

Enjoy your holiday and short breaks, safe in the knowledge you have power available to keep in touch and for emergency use. Relax with a perfectly chilled glass of something nice and a delicious picnic in some of the most beautiful gardens in the world whilst your devices charge.

Where are you off to next on your travels? Do you need some inspiration? Check out these 10 Best Holiday Destinations with gardens to visit.

Let me know how you get on with these latest technology gadgets in the comments box below. I always reply.

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